Learn Umami Rich Fusion Food

Hi! I’m Akshay Nand- Happiness Culinary Artist & Fusion Food Designer. I create Happiness in the Cooking process and love to share this Exclusive Art with people around. 

I am a Super-Specialist of Indian Fusion Foods with an excellent grasp on wondrous International Cuisines. My greatest discovery of life is learning the most expressive technique called Slow Cooking.

I will teach you Umami rich Specialized Indian Fusion Foods and other Exquisite International Cuisines. I will also help you to infuse Colors, Fun Vibes and Styling into your Food, to make it irresistible on your social media handles.

Whether you are an Indian or a Foreign National, guy or girl, single or committed, I will help you to create magic in your kitchen. I will assist you to learn the Fine Art of Happiness in the cooking process and imagine food beyond taste and looks.

If cooking seems daunting to you, let me open the door and show you: You Can Cook!

You just need to relax, sit back and ride the wave.

Happy Clients Say..

How It Works

3 Simple Steps to Your Happiness

  1. If you are excited about Food, let’s have a conversation
  2. I will tell what is good for you- The Quote and further details
  3. Joyful Cooking begins

Grandiose Offering for my Indian Friends

Namaste and a happy welcome to all! Thank you for showing your love and being a part of this extraordinary Food journey. 

I specialize in a whole world of Utterly Delicious and Exotic Indian Fusion Foods. There is something for every taste- Arsenal of Indulging Vegetarian recipes, Approachable Vegan and Plant based foods, Electrifying Egg recipes, and Tempting Non-Vegetarian wonders. 

I also do EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER MODULES for the passionate learners who wish to go deep into the Astounding World of Culinary. But I’d recommend you to start with baby steps and let the vibe and taste  soak in. 

Thus I established a dedicated theme for you- “Let’s create 1 Dish Magic” 

Normally my schedule is packed as I invest a lot of energy and time in personalized one-on-one sessions. So we’ll begin with 1 session of Happy Cooking and witness your Food journey becoming Effortless in no  time. 

You will get– Friendly Prices, Happy Food, Great Discussions and a Friend for Life!

Friendly Prices

Happy Food

Great Discussion

Friend For Life

Sensational Vegetarian World

  • Mexican Poha: Deliciousness to light up your boring mornings
  • Moong Dal/ Green Gram Spaghetti: Exceptional way to feed nutritious dal to your family
  • Sweet potato kofta: Excite your nose and palate with this supreme delicacy

Satisfying Vegan Food

  • Raw Banana Kebabs: A Definite crowd-pleasing appetizer
  • Thai bhaat: Seriously impressive and delicious pineapple rice
  • Baigan/ Aubergine Pasta: Make your kids fall in love with vegetables again

Magnificent Salads & Soups

  • Bhindi Salad: Warm & Inviting Okra- The French style
  • Aubergine Soup: Never imagined soup right out of your classic Baigan bharta
  • Lehsun/Garlic Beans: Ridiculously simple to put and comforting till the last bite

Slow-Cooked Stunners

  • Stuffed Bitter Gourd: Never- imagined Karela turned into a Majestic dish
  • Sweet Potato Chili: Satisfyingly gooey and velvety smooth meal
  • Bengal Split Gram: The humble lentil cooked to perfection

Arousing Egg Recipes

  • Luxurious Omelet: Change the way omelet is eaten in Indian homes every day
  • Big Fat Frittata: Indian tadka to the classic Italian egg dish
  • Carrot Egg Pizza: Beautiful blend of sweet carrots and peppy eggs

Finger-licking Meat

  • Chicken from Russia: A Classic tweaked as per Indian taste buds
  • Spaghetti Meatballs: Imprint of Indian spices in every bite
  • Lentil Chicken: The unbeaten champion of dishes to level up your kitchen game

Grandness of Biryani

  • Kathal/Jackfruit Biryani: India’s Vegetarian meat pulled off in a stylized manner
  • Wine Infused Biryani: Beautiful meat soaked in nothing but deliciousness
  • Italian Biryani: Bold Indian flavors complementing the taste of Italy

Super Comforting Khichdi

  • Spanish Khichdi: Beautifulness of Spain embracing Indian palate
  • Bhuna Khichdi: Straightforward bowl of rice with stripes of succulent meat
  • Spiced Prawn Khichdi: Humble rice with sharp flavors of appealing prawns

Plant-Based Wonders

  • Cute Aubergine/Baigan: Sweet & Spicy in succulent protein sauce
  • Bottle Gourd/ Lauki Burger: The juiciest party stealer burger
  • Holy Thai Curry: Soul-satisfying with bold Indian flavors

Other Fad like Keto diets are also given special attention. Based on your dietary preferences and palate,  any combinations from the above can be developed.  

The objective is to bring Happiness and Stunning Food on your plates. 

My Fusion Recipes

Glorious Offering for my NRI & Foreign Friends

Greetings and a big hug to everyone out there! I am really excited to extend my love and make you familiar with Indian Food– One of the most diverse cuisines in the World. Super Food in every sense and needless to say that it embraces immunity-boosting ingredients really well.  

I master the Grand Indian cuisine and creatively infuse Indianness into the sought-after International dishes. Accommodating all types of dietary preferences is the cornerstone of my cooking classes. Whether you are a meat lover, revolutionary vegetarian, strict vegan, or plant-based person, I got you covered.  

I have crafted EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER MODULES for the ardent learners who seek an in-depth understanding of the vast Indian Cuisine. But I’d advise you to go one step at a time and commence your Food journey  with a dedicated theme- “Let’s create 1 Dish Magic”  

Just by onboarding for 1 session of Happy Cooking with me, you will learn to share Immense Joy, Tasty  Food, Abundant Love, and cherished memories with the people you love the most. 

You will get– Friendly Prices, Happy Food, Great Discussions and a Friend for Life!

Friendly Prices

Happy Food

Great Discussion

Friend For Life

Chai/ Indian Tea

A hug in a mug

  • Tulsi tea– Keeps you away from flu & sore throats and reduces stress
  • Ginger tea– The go-to beverage for cold climates. Not to forget the medicinal properties can also prevent colds
  • Masala tea– Prepared with assorted spices like cardamom, cloves, and many interesting flavors

Khichdi The Indian Risotto

  • Ayurvedic bowl: Ayurveda is the oldest Indian form of alternative practice in the world, which emphasizes on diet for a healthy body
  • Butter Chicken Khichdi: Classic Indian gem with comfort from the mushy rice makes this a Winner dish
  • Epic Masala Khichdi: Already beloved dish which is even more worthy of your love now

Biryani The Show-stopper

  • Dum Style Chicken: A Classic from the Emperor’s kitchen
  • Egg Biryani: Ridiculously simple to put. A Party hit appetizing rice dish
  • Meatballs Biryani: Bring together India, Italy, and America on one plate

Vegan Indian Food Most Delicious Vegan World

  • Smoked Aubergine/ Baigan Bharta: Fun to make a perfectly spiced chargrilled delicacy
  • Vegetarian Meatballs/ Kofta: Soft dumplings simmering away in the supremely tasteful sauce
  • Lentil soup & Rice/ Dal Chawal: A warm peppy hugging meal which never fails to impress

Delighted Indian Mornings Extremely Healthy Breakfast

  • Poha/Flattened Rice: Chew away to health with this garden-fresh veggie wonder
  • Besan Chilla/ Chickpea crepe: Gluten-free versatile recipe which is bursting with flavors and nutrients
  • Aloo Paratha: Indian flatbread with spicy potato filling- The ultimate comfort food of India

Juicy Meats The Indian Style

  • Healthiest Chicken Curry: Beautifully spiced and utterly delicious stripes of chicken breast in a luxurious sauce
  • Chicken Ghee Roast: Soft, juicy, flavorful chunks of chicken cooked to perfection
  • Punjabi Chicken Lentil: Yummy tempering clubbed with tender chicken bites in lentil soup

Tipsy Foods Alcohol Infused Indian Flavours

  • Peas & Cheese/ Matar Paneer in Red wine: Indian Classic soaked in smooth silky wine sauce
  • Masala Beer Mushrooms: Bold Indian spices sautéed in beer makes this the perfect party appetizer
  • White Wine Khichdi/Risotto: A happy boozy bowl of comforting rice

Plant-Based Indian Cuisine Mouth-watering fragrant aromas

  • Kidney beans & rice/ Rajma chawal: The Silkiest and comforting curry of your life
  • Spiced Garbanzo/ Chana Masala: All-time favorite to steal your hearts
  • Spinach Cheese/ Palak Paneer: One of the most popular, healthy, creamy, and inviting curry

Dazzling Slow-Cooked Dishes The Indian Touch

  • Buttery Black lentils/Dal Makhani: Blooming gorgeous lentils simmered on low heat
  • The Famous Lamb Curry: Melt in the mouth wonder slow-cooked in a clay pot
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: Need no introduction- Royalty oozes out of every bite

Any specific dietary requirements will be brought into focus with loads of Love.
You just need to relax, pour yourself an exotic drink, listen for that melodious music, and allow me to bring the delicious Indian food to your tables.


Crispy and Tasty blogs are on their way to serve you